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Algorithmic Trading

  • Liquid Alpha engages in
  • quantitative trading
  • across global futures markets

Utilising proprietary algorithms, Liquid Alpha aims to capture small price changes using ultra low latency strategies, all of which are developed and managed in house.



Liquid Alpha is one of the proprietary businesses within the Liquid Capital group and comprises a distinct global team of quantitative developers, programmers, traders and support staff. By monitoring the global future markets for minor price fluctuations, the team is able to maximise opportunities for generating profit.

continually evolving

Continually Evolving

Liquid Alpha trades in highly fluid and highly competitive markets and by continually assessing and anticipating industry and market changes, can adapt and change its trading strategies to keep ahead of its competition.



The business achieves its levels of profitability and excellence by hiring the best people in the industry and actively encouraging an entrepreneurial approach regardless of position.